Fragrance Girl + Phillip Lim

For the Boys

Irina channeling Diane Keaton in Annie Hall leads the way on this one. Think mensy - with a twist. I'm not usually one to gravitate towards "suiting" styles, but somehow after a summer of frivolous baby-doll shapes, structure seems like the way to go.

I love how Irina adds lots of leg and some black booties to what's sure to be classic Phillip Lim - the DB dress/jacket? Sign me up. The second look - a little more DIY backstage at Chanel resort. A classic mens tuxedo - pile on the bangles and a red lip. Ashley - leggings and an off-white tuxedo jacket. Can we consider this her signature now?

And finally one of my favorite bloggers - Queen Michelle doing Phillip Lim her own way. Where the Queen goes... others will surely follow.

Ashley Olsen, Irina, and more:

For the Boys + Phillip Lim