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The Glossy Guide to Fall: #10

First and foremost apologies for my long departure from The Glossy. I wish I could say I had my "toes in the sand" this entire time - but the truth is I did a quick trip across the pond to London, then took a week in the Carribean and THEN hit up New York. What I discovered was - the weather has been pretty much shit if you live somewhere in the Eastern part of North America or anywhere in the UK for that matter so what this has lead to is EARLY FALL!!! The shopping is incredible right now (I think I've already blown my Fall budget oops) - which leads to the first of my Fall Top 10!!

#10 may-jah BOOTS

You are going to need some serious boots if you don't already have some. I found these ones at Barney's Co-op and they called my name. Why they're essential for Fall 09? They will work perfectly with carrot-shaped ripped jeans and something soft and pretty on top. I'm thinking a blush pink blouse or even some lace? If you're more daring channel your inner "teen-spirit" and think early 90's and rock 'em with a dress.

Barneys Co-op

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The Glossy Guide to Fall: #10 + time