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A few of my favorite things ~

As I was making my ice coffee this morning afternoon, I was thinking about how much we love and rely on our coffee maker. That lead me to think about all the other modern conveniences we use daily and really, couldn't get along without. So, here is my short list of favorite things:

Our Keurig coffee maker: Oh Keurig, how do we love thee? Seriously folks, we use this thing several times a day and it has never failed us.

Also pictured is another of my seasonal favorite things. Mint mocha coffee creamer/sweetener. Our local stores don't carry this year round. So, it's a treat for me.

Anyway, we LOVE our coffee. I'm an ice coffee freak and Drew just loves coffee... full stop. So, this little maker is a blessing for those of us that like different flavors/brews. I try to keep a few choices on hand. Including seasonal favorites like Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice.

My beloved KitchenAid mixer. My darling friend, Cathy, found out how much I had been wanting one, but couldn't justify the cost. Her sweet Mom had passed away and since she already had her own KitchenAid she had packed her Mom's up and put it away in storage. Can you imagine how thrilled I was when it showed up on my doorstep one evening?!?! I seriously dance a happy dance every time I use this. How did I ever get along without it??

I'm not exactly sure how old it is, but it purrs like it's brand new. And it's history of love makes it even that much more precious to me. Thanks Cathy.

My Scentsy wall warmer. I'm obsessed with how my house smells. Let's be honest, we have 5 cats. It can be a challenge to keep the house not smelling like 5 cats live here. If you visit, and you smell my furries without even seeing them, that is an issue. So, along with constant cleaning, this little baby keeps my house smelling wonderful. I also use this every. single. day. I'm a Scentsy freak. I have one of my kitchen drawers dedicated to my wax melt storage. Does it sound like I have a problem?? :-)

I also have the larger corded style warmer. But, I have issues with cords.. so this one works out much better for me.

My Rachael Ray oil & vinegar dispensers. I use the larger one next to the stove with olive oil and the smaller one next to the kitchen sink with dish soap. I just love how cute they are, and they work great!

Another little kitchen helper I use lots & lots is my KitchenAid food processor. Drew gave this to me for Christmas a few years back and I use it all the time. It's the smaller version, but it works out fine for our small family. I can whip up a tasty chicken salad in literally minutes.

You've heard me mention our 5 furries. I've never mentioned that a couple of them have some health challenges. Nikita has intestinal lymphoma and Mirasole has IBD and asthma. Now, we don't have beautiful hardwood floors... no. We have a house full of carpet. We have cats. We have sick cats that puke... a lot. So, we couldn't do without our Spot Bot carpet cleaner. This little thing is worth every penny to pet owners with carpet.

Honestly, we couldn't have gotten through the last 3 years without this thing. We've had so much cat sick... anyway, I don't want to go there! :-)

Another 'must have' for the pet owner with carpet is the Dyson. Worth. Every. Penny. I {love} my Dyson. It did try to kill me once, but I love it anyway. The stuff it pulls out of the carpet will amaze and disgust you!

These are a few of my favorite things. What things couldn't your family live without?

In no way was I compensated by any of these companies. These views are my own personal experiences.

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A few of my favorite things ~ + stuff