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Aromatics Elixir – Clinique

It’s particularly tricky to write about two categories of fragrance: the first is fragrances that you are ambivalent about. The second is ones that you are passionate for. Whilst I try to avoid reviewing mediocre perfumes, it’s essential to share the most enjoyable ones.
Clinique's Aromatics Elixir is a personal favourite. It was created in 1971, so it’s well established and has something of a loyal following. Aromatics Elixir manages to smell fresh whilst having a huge amount of depth and layering. The top notes are all soapy florals – capturing the scent of sweet, summer blossom. The base notes are a resonating chypre — more of a sexy, masculine, woody aroma. If you find it difficult to identify a ‘chypre’, Aromatics Elixir typifies some elements of it.

I first got a whiff of Aromatics Elixir in 1996. I was in the changing rooms in a gym in Moscow. A girl near to me was covering herself in this amazing smelling body lotion. It was one of those times, when you’re not just intrigued to know what a fragrance is – you’re actually compelled to find out.
Despite my admiration for Aromatics Elixir (by the same creator as Aramis Aramis and Estée Lauder’s Azurée), there are as many detractors as devotees. This Clinique's perfume is definitely one to try before you buy.

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Aromatics Elixir – Clinique + review