Fragrance Girl + Zara

The Swedish Mix

Fashion-wise Fall 07 has shaped up to be a season of dicotomies. How so? Modern and minimal was the mantra on many a runway - however Balenciaga certainly threw a wretch in it with his ethnic prints and scarves (already a fashion staple for any hipster worth her salt). While many a girl is currently reflecting on just how to make Fall 07 her own apparently this (ahem) 17 yr old Swede has it figured out. Mix-mastering a leather Acne dress with skinnies, scarf and beret - I have no shame in taking her lead.

PS. Zara can help you out with a minimalist leather shift if Acne
is out of reach geographically (or finacially)?!

Pic from Teen Vogue.

Acne Jeans, and more:

The Swedish Mix + Zara