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Based on the fact that I have a fashion blog - I guess it's somewhat safe to assume that I may also occasionly be a fashion victim? Call it what you want but I really kind of love these t-shirts by sylist/writer Henry Holland. With slogans like UHU GARETH PUGH, GILES DEACON GET YER FREAK ON, GIVE ME PAIN HEDI SLIMANE, GIVE ME A TICKLE RICHARD NICHOL and DO ME DAILY CHRISTOPHER BAILEY - they make me laugh!

The tees debuted during London Fashion Week on the backs of Gareth Pugh and Giles Deacon who cutely wore eachothers at the end of their shows. Of course they are now much sought after and only availbable at Dover St. Market in London - which really only makes me want one more! All they're missing now is... damn I have no idea what rhymes with ERDEM!

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