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New York fashion week got off to a rather dull start. The first few days did nothing to garner my attention -- honestly I can't look at another smock-like dress. After not having seen my own waist-line for a year I'm feeling the need to prove to myself that all those tortourous hours at the gym with Josh are paying off God-damn-it!

Anyhoo, thank goodness for Proenza Schouler! (Say after me: pro-enza sck-ooler.) Channeling the much needed BODY-CON silhouettes that started to show this Fall, can we assume that some much needed STRUCTURE is back?! That combined with an incredible wealth of sumptuous fabrics made for what is sure to be a blockbuster season for Proenza.

I can already see Carine Roitfeld placing her orders - "Oui! Je tout prendrai!" And even if you can't take one of everything like our beloved Carine, you can certainly burn a few smock dresses, dig out a belt, put on some heels and celebrate your waist.

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Proenza's Luxe Tribe + Proenza Schouler