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Boredom Breeds Evil

So... Christmas was lovely. All the gifts have been opened, phone calls made, dinners eaten, drinks drunk and now what? I was supposed to be snowboarding today on my brand new Burton board but somehow the gods were against it so I caved to my mild hangover and opted for a cosy day at home with the BF. Inevitably this leads to a little time surfing time... not that my credit card needs excercise? Sigh. Anyhow I'm sure you're all leaps ahead of me but I kind of just discovered Pixie Market! I'm not really sure why it took me so long - or why EVERY piece I would like to own is always SOLD OUT?? Except perhaps for this amazing coat. Winter in Montreal lasts forever - so mid season is always a good time for a new coat! It's by Supersocial. It hasn't arrived yet... but I'm hoping it's going to fit like a glove. Likey?

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Boredom Breeds Evil + Pixie Market