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Girl with the Blond Hair & Serious Bag

So depending on where you are in the world (certainly not if you're in London) - it's quite possibly still one hundred degrees outside. But of course regardless, the summer styles are wilting and it's time to think about all things FALL.

When I spotted this lovely on Facehunter it started my mind a-thinking about the silhouette from spring really continuing strong. Her combo works best because of the proportions of big over small and then balancing it out with a chunkier shoe. Clean lines still dominate, colour blocking! (note: even the hair!) and then of course anything GREY. Needless to say the serious bag makes US take her more seriously - and the shoes! Let's not even discuss white-after-labour-day because really - who gives a &^%$? She's great.

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Girl with the Blond Hair & Serious Bag + fall fashion