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Erin Wasson's "Frumpy Sexiness"

"Frumpy sexiness. If I'm buying a T-shirt, I buy it oversized. I like oversized jeans, I like oversized denim shorts, I like oversized jackets. I like having an undone, loose feel to everything. You know, there's so much of a tomboy in me where I still enjoy wearing guy's clothes. More often than not I'll go to a store and I'll be in the men's section buying men's pants, or a men's vest, or a men's button-down shirt or something. It's hard for me in women's departments because the stuff is a little bit too feminine, or a little bit too frilly, or a little bit too girly."

Excerpt from Refinery 29 interview. Pics from The Selby.

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Erin Wasson's "Frumpy Sexiness" + Erin Wasson