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West Side by Bond No. 9

Somebody has changed my nose. I don't know who did it or why. But I don't want my old nose back. It's like I've found a whole new world.
Last night I put on some Bond No. 9 West Side as I was going to bed. And it was amazing. Lovely, cosy and warming. The perfect fragrance to wear at the end of a long cold winter. But, how did it happen that I suddenly, and quite genuinely love amber fragrances?

According to Basenotes, West Side is made up of rose, ylang-ylang, peony, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk. Its a great fragrance, and one I thoroughly recommend if you need something warming and comforting to get you through the tail end of winter.

West Side is one of the fragrances that I purchased a while back from the Perfumed Court in their MUA Top 25 sampler pack. This sample pack has been one of the best perfume purchases I've made. I can't recommend it highly enough.

If you like the idea of peony in a warming winter fragrances you could try Chinatown also by Bond No. 9's, which is similarly listed in the MUA top 25.

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West Side by Bond No. 9 + review