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Ten Reasons Why I'll Never Have a Unique Fragrance Created

In a recent Stylist article, it was quoted that Lyn Harris of Miller Harris charges £8,000 for a bespoke fragrance creation. Of course, clients are paying for Lyn Harris's skill and knowledge of perfumes as much as the actual creation process. However, it's still a heck of a lot of money and here's why I don't think it's worth the investment.
There are thousands of fragrances currently in production. With all that choice, surely it's more or less impossible not to find at least one fragrance that you like. I've already found many that I don't just like, but I love.
Who wants to wear one fragrance for the rest of their life? In the same way that clothes change with fashion, the seasons, age and moods, there's no single fragrance that can define your personality forever.
A large part of the fun is choosing a fragrance. If somebody handed me my 'signature scent' (I'm aware of the irony) it would take all the fun out of finding out what's in all those perfume bottles that fill the shelves in chemists and department stores.
Packaging is half the fun. I love Michael Kors for its boxy yet glamorous bottle. But on other days I want to feel the smooth curves of Escale a Portofino, with its metallic lid. If I had one bottle to use every day I would miss some of the sensuous feeling of using a different bottle as the mood takes me.
Tastes Change. For years I never thought I'd wear anything other than bootleg jeans. Now I can't imagine going back to them. In the same way, I couldn't conceive of liking amber until a few short days ago when I tried West Side by Bond No. 9. Now amber is suddenly something I can envisage wearing a lot more.

I need choice. For a lazy morning when I'm in need of some energy, then the zesty Fleur du Matin could be a great choice. For an evening out with my husband I might want something a bit more sophisticated. Chinatown could fit the bill. For an average day at home with the children Michael Kors just makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face. And when I want to feel plain pretty, then nothing beats La Chasse aux Papillons. If I'd invested in my unique scent, then it would become the golden handcuffs. In my mind, it would eliminate the choice and I'd feel that I have to wear that one fragrance for every eventuality.

I'm faddy. It's true. In fact my friends told me so recently. I'm always trying a different diet, a different exercise routine, a different religion. Today's favourite fragrance might be tomorrow's least favourite fragrance. I couldn't take that chance with eight thousand pounds.
I love perfumes and I particularly like Miller Harris fragrances. But when I read that Lyn Harris has apparently said,

"I can make a beautiful fragrance for somebody, but it has to have all the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of that person, their perfections and imperfections"

..then I just think, Oh purrr-lease!. If I'm paying eight grand, forget my imperfections. I just want perfect!

What would I do about my blog? I couldn't justify my endless perfume hunt if I had my 'bespoke' fragrance sitting on a shelf a home. I love my blog too much.

Well, that's nine reasons. One more? I can't afford it.

Seriously, if money was unlimited, then I would love to talk to somebody like Lynn Harris and get a truly personal fragrance. But, back to the real world, and there's a lot of fun to be had in trying out different and lovely smelling stuff all the time. And quite frankly, I think my life is richer and better for the endless perfume hunt that I'm on.

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Ten Reasons Why I'll Never Have a Unique Fragrance Created + unique