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Perfume Review – Coeur d’Ete by Miller Harris

This might be one of those perfumes that, give it a second test, and it’s an absolute winner. But, sniffing it for the first time today, it’s a bit of a disappointment. The initial opening notes are all about Lily of the Valley. In itself Lily of the Valley is not one my favourite floral smells. The opening notes last only a couple of minutes. Then, what’s left is a very, very natural dry-down, which is almost characterless. It could be elements of tuberose, which is very mild. There’s an earthiness. That’s about it. All in all, it reminds me of the Hermes fragrance, Jardin sur le Nil, because it’s a barely there fragrance.
According to the Miller Harris website:

Miller Harris Cœur d'Été was created by Lyn Harris during the early stages of her pregnancy when her already acute sense of smell became heightened.

Needing something to nurture her senses she created this very pure scent made up of flowers: white lilac, cassie and heliotrope, blended with unusual ingredients such as chocolate bean, banana and liquorice.

If you want to get that stylish, just out of the shower type feeling – then this could be a great fragrance to try. For me – I need something that bops you on the nose a bit more.

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Perfume Review – Coeur d’Ete by Miller Harris + stylish