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J’Adore Perfume – Dior

I had a fabulous day today and tested a handful of perfumes that I’ve been reading about. The most enjoyable of which was J’Adore by Dior.

The advertising for J’Adore had put me off this fragrance. Although Charlize Theron is a beautiful actress, I completely identify her with the film ‘Monster’. That was the first hurdle. Then, the shape of the bottle. It could just be me – but it reminds me of the elongated neck that some tribal women try to attain. I think it’s the gold hoops around the neck of the bottle. With a combination of ‘Monster’ and deformed neck I’d thought I’d give this one a miss. However, today I sniffed the bottle without spraying anything and my visceral reaction was that it’s a heavenly fragrance.

For me the fragrance is floral and fresh. The freshness comes from a beautiful verdant greenness. It smells like walking through a fresh forest. There’s an edge of citrus, which also adds to the cleanliness of this scent. And, as every in my favourites, there isn’t a hint of sweetness – no squashed strawberries here. Having said that, it managed to retain it’s floral nature, without any sweet notes.

This is a feminine fragrance, and would be good for daytime as it has a squeaky clean feel. The advertising talks about ‘extreme femininity‘and ‘spontaneous emotion’, which is misleading. This is a light and beautiful fragrance.

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