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Marché du Marin

Enfin! I made it home feeling like I had survived the Tour de France. Not exactly my most restful trip ever - but certainly highlighted by some fantastic moments in London, St. Tropez and in the tiny French village of Argeliers with my sister. I returned Sunday night only to discover that my suitcase (quelle horreur!!!) had not made the connection and decided to remain in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for an extended stay. Alas luckily it showed up the following day with my bounty of "hippy shit" that I seemed to have steadfastly accumulated during the trip. (That will have to be another post!) Moving on...

Before leaving I had read Garance Dore's post on Marché du Marin in St. Tropez. Not that I was doubting her - but still I had wrongly assumed that it would be like the other vintage stores in the tiny village - that being mainly stocked with ridiculously over-priced dusty old Louis Vuittons. And seriously, who wants them?? But after a full day of plundering all the tiny boutiques I stumbled upon this one only to be truly blown away. The clothes were a well edited selection of stripes, amazing denim, hippy blouses, over-sized mens shirts, 50's and 70's printed dresses galour with no shortage of satchel bags in all colours for the picking. On top of all this - the interior was like the inside of what I would imagine my rustic cottage would like on the rugged coast of Normandy. Sigh.

Daydreams over. Back to reality. Just wanted to share. And BTW - the shop keeper said he'd let us know about the NY opening... stay tuned!

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Marché du Marin + St. Tropez