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Shoe Special Part 1

High summer sale-time means one thing for me - SHOES!

By this time in the season I'm pretty much over the summer styles. My thinking is: if I didn't want it while it was full price - surely I'm not going to be interested if it's jammed on a sale rack with a red tag swinging from it's formerly lovely label? I know there's many a girl out there that lives for a bargain... I'm just not one of them. Not to mention Montreal has one of the longest, most unforgiving winters. A winter that pretty much requires an extreme make-over on one's waredrobe. The shift in temperature from August to November is literally 30 degrees celcius. Translation: nothing goes forward.

That is - unless we're talking SHOES. Shoes seem to extend well beyond the season they were designed for. For example - I'm thinking I will be wearing these Miu Miu lovelies well into fall. I'm picturing them with clean, sporty outfits inspired by Marni/Chloe... opaque tights and a shift dress... sporty parka or skinny jeans/ blazer/ scarf (a la Balenciaga).

What are you taking with you into Fall?

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