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Dress Quest

Don't you find that whenever you really need to buy a dress there's not a decent one around... and somehow when you're not shopping for anything "special" there are dresses-a-plently??? Why is that? Are the dress Gods play games with us?

That happens to be my current situation - I'm heading to my brother's wedding in less than a month and there's no dress in sight. I'm not in the bridal party - and have no desire to look like I want to be and am therefore avoiding all dresses too "pretty" - anything too sexy... too long... too short...

... until I found this one on net-a-porter! It's actually Proenza Schouler Fall 06 - but what I of love is that it's a bit serious and somewhat tailored with a pop of colour.

The downfall? Even on sale it's still rings in at $1036US! Ouch! It's Fall 06 after all? Would the high end net-a-porter customer even wear a dress 2 seasons old?

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