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The Rights of Spring

I'm officially on vacation for the next 10 days. I'm heading to a remote ski hill in British Columbia for my retreat. I've been working like a bit of a maniac - and my exit from the office last night was mayhem. I think I'm in need of a "fashion break". Since January I've travelled to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and London - worked through about 5 of my weekends and so I feel like I deserve this god-damn-it!

That being said - I'm hoping upon my return to Montreal all the snow will have melted and spring will have truly sprung. (This might be wishful thinking.) I'm looking forward to the simple pleasures of spring - open toed shoes and ditching my (lovely) but tired winter coat.

This shoot for Vogue China featuring Polish beauty Malgosia sums up my optimistic mood - florals and sunshine a-plenty. Wishing you all a lovely spring - wherever you might be my Glossy ones. Bisous, The Glossy Ed.

Malgosia, and more:

The Rights of Spring + Vogue China