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Giorgio Beverly Hills

This time of year is fabulous for new fragrances. There’s so much perfume advertising as well as special Christmas promotions. Today I was grabbed by Giorgio Beverly Hills, not because the promotion was so good, but because you have to wonder what the message is.

The Giorgio perfume bottle is beautifully shaped into elegant feminine curves. The packaging is all sophisticated yellow and white stripes. What’s not to love about the name Beverly Hills? It smacks of glamour, celebrity and quite frankly hard cash. So, now to the promotion. I’m assuming this is a Christmas promotion. The perfume is being sold packaged together with a teddy bear. Hmm, not sure why, or who the target market is, possibly eight year old girls?

Onto the fragrance. When I was a child somebody did me the huge disservice of buying me a rose fragranced Yardley talc and soap set. Whenever I smell a rose fragrance, it reminds me of talc and then old ladies. Maybe old ladies wear Yardley talc too.

Giorgio is a mild, rose fragranced perfume. It’s inoffensive and doesn’t last more than a couple of hours. There’s nothing particularly poignant about it, so it could be a great gift for your niece or god daughter. They will like the teddy bear but mind out they don’t get put off rose fragrances for life.

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Giorgio Beverly Hills + review