Fragrance Girl + Kate Moss Topshop

Speed Shopping

Alright... so I was up at 4am this morning, flew to NY, pulled off my meeting and then skipped lunch in order go SHOPPING! All that being said - I don't know if it was my fried brain from getting up so damn early but I was a little off my shopping game.

Those reading this blog that know me well will be somewhat shocked by this because I'm pretty much a glorified professional shopper. I've logged more shop time and credit card bills while completely jet-lagged than any one person really should. Anyhoo, of all silly things to end up buying in NY I bought! (shock and horror) a piece from the " target="_blank">Kate Moss collection! Believe me it had nothing to do with Kate Moss - it was more of a Rick Owen's moment in the fitting room at Barney's. Oh yah - and it was 50% off. That helped.

the glossy

What got left behind - some serious Drie's booties that I may still have to track down.

Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?? You know it -- mean girls!

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Speed Shopping + Kate Moss Topshop