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Rush – Gucci

The bright red, square, plastic bottle initially prevented me from giving Gucci Rush a second thought. Who is this red, 1980s monster trying to appeal to? It’s so ugly and tacky, it suggests that Rush is going to be loud and obnoxious. The packaging and designs for so many of Gucci’s fragrances are outstandingly stylish; it’s a shame that this one is off-putting.

Despite the exterior, this is a gorgeous, rich-but muted, sexy fragrance. The underlying woody chypre is beautiful and subtle. There’s a hint, but just a hint, of sweetness. There’s also a tiny strand of citrus lemon-ness and a smidge of dry pepper. All of the elements seem to work together in a confident harmony.
Gucci’s website describes Rush as a woman’s fragrance with a “top note of gardenia, heart note of vanilla and base note of patchouli.”
Whether or not this fragrance is targeting men or women, it would be ideal for both. It is a sexy subtle fragrance, which hints at so much. So hide the bottle at the back of your bathroom cabinet, but don’t forget to wear the beautiful fragrance that's hidden inside.

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Rush – Gucci + stylish