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Eau de Sisley 3 [Sisley]

As legend has it, Sisley products set the quality standard by which all other cosmetics companies judge themselves. At least, this is what I was once told. Whether or not it’s true, the Sisley brand is undoubtedly a mark of quality.

Eau de Sisley 1 and 2 are both lovely fragrances, and I will review them both in future posts. The SpaceNK shop assistant told me that Eau de Sisley 3 smelt more of ‘berries’. I assumed that she meant sweeter, which made me somewhat nervous to do a skin test. I’m not keen on sweet fragrances, and inevitably the less you like them, the longer they linger.

Happily, there isn’t a hint of sweetness in EdS 3. Initially it smelt slightly Christmasy, hinting at the aroma of warm spices from mulled wine. If that makes it sound strong, it’s not. It's actually a quiet, subtle perfume. It’s considered and complicated and has the warmth of a winter scent with a slightly aromatic hue. It’s a beautiful fragrance, although it would have to be for almost £100. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself and feel like something subtle and aromatic, Eau de Sisley 3 is definitely one to go for.

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Eau de Sisley 3 [Sisley] + Sisley