Fragrance Girl + Tuxedo style

Black Magic

What to wear to all your holiday parties? I think I've been inspired by the man himself, Alber Elbaz. Always seen in nothing less than a classic tuxedo with bow-tie - it suddenly seems de rigeur to march-like-a-penguin.

Bow-tie optional - my own take on it will be an off-white Filippa K jacket, grey tank and hopefully some leather-like black pants? I adore how Alber recreated his own look at the end of his runway show this season. Hell - even Kate is doing Le Smoking and not to mention casual tux style as seen on The Facehunter.

As per usual net-a-porter must be ca$hing in? If you think you can do better - send me your tux-inspired pics and they might just land on The Glossy pages! Bisous.

Kate Moss, Lanvin, and more:

Black Magic + Tuxedo style