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Riccardo Tisci The Great

My edit of Spring 2010 fashion week may be a little extreme - and it's not that I didn't see plenty of lovely things - as I'm sure you all have too. But really let's cut to the chase. Favorite show after 4 weeks of shows has got to be Riccardo Tisci's for Givenchy. If I was an heir to a romance-novel-book-fortune, oil princess, or excessively, independently, wealthy - I would have been sitting front row ordering up EVERY SINGLE ITEM. Yes I know - rather extreme. But that's how I role. And if that was my lot in life - I would probably wear it everyday like a bit of a billboard (perhaps forgoing the silly hats) and then I'd do it all over again next season. Such would be my devotion.

Givenchy, and more:

Riccardo Tisci The Great + Riccardo Tisci