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Hermès SVP!

There is something about an Hermès scarf. It's the true definition of a classic. It's one of the few items that you could wear at both 20 or 60 - and look equally fabulous. The scarves themselves also almost get better with age; the older patterns become more difficult to find and therefore all the more covetable.

While in London 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a vintage clothing show purchased this lovely Mors & Gourmettes Hermès scarf. (Pardon the wrinkles I wore it to work today and was too lazy to iron it!)

Of course I had to google Mors & Gourmettes when I got home and I quickly learned that the pattern was designed in 1961 by Henri de Origny and that the name loosely translates to "chains and bits". I had already made plans to wear it with my school girl blazer and skinny jeans... a la this stylish femme on my favorite French blog une fille comme moi. I like how she has knotted it irreverantly and paired it with a classic blazer and less serious denim mini.

What are your classics?

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Hermès SVP! + Hermès scarves