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Back to the Future

I swear it was only 3 days ago I predicted we would be seeing a lot more vinyl/PVC/sci-fi dominatrix inspired fashion. Little did I know it would be so soon... Balenciaga showed in Paris yesterday resulting in high accolades from the fashion press. called it "The Terminator"... perhaps this referred both to the fashion and it effects on Fashion Week? Dior's follow-up show seemed to fall flat in comparison.

After last seasons blockbuster troll down vintage Balenciaga's lane, I suppose the question was "what next?'. Nicholas' answer loud and clear was "the future". Articulated parts, molded PVC and leather jackets with space-age kimono shapes spelled it out.

What does this mean for us girls rocking the street styles? God knows. Maybe some leather, some (more) black and for the fearless (hello Susie Bubble) some vinyl pants? Can't wait! You know even if you're personally not going to go there - as a spectator sport it's going to be good...

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