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Mona Moore, Mon Amour...

Since returning from Europe and spending what may have been the equivalent to my future children's college fund (kind of kidding) - I've been avoiding favorite Montreal shoe haunt Mona Moore. And obviously being in Montreal, the opening of the Venice Beach edition doesn't really affect me... however what my eyes locked onto were the Phi boots being worn by co-owner Lisa Bush. Dear God! Had I known that they were arriving I... I... I... wouldn't have given my whole paycheck to Isabel Marant?? Who am I kidding!?

Appropriately the new Venice Beach location seems to have it's own identity. Much more modern and than it's "girlier" Montreal cousin. And we were also fortunate enough to steal a peek inside Lisa Bush's California home that was recently featured in Elle Decor. It's a stunning example of eco-chic meets Cali cool. Believe me you're going to love...

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