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End of the Dress Quest!

If you knew me well you would know these things about me:

1. I'm not really a "dress" girl. Sac dresses don't count.
2. I'm more of a denim girl. (Was once even referred to as a "denim nazi" - not proud of that fact.) I have casual denim, office denim, expensive denim, cheap denim - ok you get the point.
3. I've been known to like layering my dresses over my jeans... as this is truly how I feel most comfortable. (I can hear the collective gasps coming from all you self-proclaimed fashionistas.)

So! When it comes to weddings... I'm a little out of my natural element and as many of you know I had turned to net-a-porter for answers to my delimma. Finalment I listened to all of your opinions and advice (no need to pay for a couch here!) and was prepared to take the plunge when I literally sprinted into BCBG on my lunch hour and found this! -

Wait for it - - on sale yet! It's from the Spring 07 BCBG Max Azria collection and I kind of just fell in love. I've decided to toughen it up a little with some black patent Marc by Marc chunky heels and my funny studded Betsy Johnson clutch (that I like to think doubles as a weapon!)


BCBG dresses, and more:

End of the Dress Quest! + Blog