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$13 Kitchen Update - COLOR!!

Happy Easter weekend babies!!

Drew and I are non-religious nor do we have human offspring.
So, we don't really celebrate Easter.
We do, however, celebrate the food & candy. hehe

We do hope you enjoy your weekend.

Last week, I got fidgetty.
Decided I needed to switch some things up.
The colors on the main floor are pretty muted.
Maybe it's because it's Spring, maybe I just felt the need to cheer things up a bit.

I've wanted to do something with the large wall at the far end of the kitchen.
I've always wanted shelves there, but could never find exactly what I wanted.
They had to be long and not very deep {so we didn't smack into them constantly}.
I decided, to make my own.
And guess what?? I already had EVERYTHING, didn't need to buy one thing.

The wall before:

{sorry for the bad pictures. I do my DIY in the evening}

I nailed up (2) 3 1/2 in by 4 foot pieces of MDF:

Made sure they were level and all that technical stuff.

Then, just like with my door toppers, I added 3 in crown across the front and sides:

Also added a 4 inch piece of MDF across the top, for the shelf, and a small strip of decorative molding to the bottom, to make it prettier. It's in the details.

I primed, and painted them white. I will show you in a second.

During the week, I decided that since things were about to get happy and colorful, the kids needed happy and colorful new dishes, since they are directly below this new wall treatment.
They were eating out of these:

Boring! And lets pretend there isn't still Christmas candy on my counter, mkay??

I looked high and low.
My criteria was:
Need to be raised, so the kids don't puke.
They need to be ceramic. Plastic pet dishes are a 'no-no'.
They needed to be bright and cheerful!
Nothing, I found nothing. Decided I would have to make my own.
That afternoon, I went on my lunch break to look for some accents for the new shelves.
At the store, I found these ceramic bowls, on clearance for .49 ea:

Bright, happy, ceramic but not raised.
But, I had a very clever idea. I will show you.

Also, I've been wanting to paint the inside of my open shelving forever, I just could never settle on a color I love. Decided that would have to change.

I wanted color... I got color!!

Take a peek, at the newly colorful NMP kitchen:

How did this only cost $13?

I had all the materials {including caulk & paint} for the shelves.
I already had the Tucson Coral paint from my Nightstand re-do.
The only things I purchased were the coral buckets {$2.99 ea}:

The silk flower was $4:

The 'Fine Liquor' sign was .33, yes... .33 cents:

Last, but not least, the new food bowls for the kids {4 ceramic bowls @ .49 ea}:

Hells yes. I used liquid nails and glued those babies together! The kids LOVE them and so do I!

There's Max, quality testing them the other night. PASS!!

My friend, Shelley, gave me the 2 white plates:

I spray painted a few of my vast jar collection and popped in some cute and colorful paper straws:

Everything else, I already had!


The coral is still VERY bright to me, but I'm digging it.


Amen Frank!!

Enjoy your weekend babies.



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$13 Kitchen Update - COLOR!! + stuff