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It all started with leftover paint ~

Happy Sunday nutty people!

What a crazy weekend here. Friday was my Birthday, and I painted. Woke up Saturday to POURING rain. Yes, it's January and it was pouring rain. So, what does that mean?? Basement flooding... yet again. So, Drew and I were out in the freezing rain trying to keep it from getting any worse. To top it all off, it was too dark to get any decent pics of my project.

But, just like they say in "Annie"... The sun will come out tomorrow! And it did. Beautiful (cold) sunshiny day today.

I've been looking online for a cute, cheap desk to refinish for a blogging station in the master bedroom. I've been tweaking out my neck, laying in bed with the laptop while I blog. Not a happy thing. Anyway, I really havent found anything I like that isn't far too expensive. Then I realized I have the table that was replaced by the refinished farm table just taking up space.

I wasn't thrilled that the table was black. The bed frame is black, the TV stand is black... I wanted something different and something I could make look 'old'. I was afraid to paint this one because I knew it would be hard to get a good finish. But, I saw a table online that used this technique and I LOVED it! I knew it would be perfect for this table/desk.

Here is how the table started out: (Sorry, bad night time pics)

I have so many leftover paints hanging around from previous projects, I gathered them up and started painting the different pieces different colors:

Yep, I painted this table in my living room. With only old catalogs under the legs. I'm that good. :-) The best part about a paint technique like this, is it doesn't matter how perfect it is. The more imperfect, the better I say!

I then coated her with 2 coats of the kitchen cabinet paint. Which, although it's a gorgeous cross between white and cream... turns out to be a VERY durable paint. And quite hard to sand nicely! We live, and we learn.

Saturday I spent about 2 hours with my electric sander (220 grit paper) sanding her. Yes, I did this in the living room. It was pouring rain, the table weighs a ton and I'm the one who has to clean up all the dust. So, don't judge me. :-)

We did take her apart to move her upstairs. And here is how she looks today:

Aw, I LOVE it!!

The swag light is from Ikea. The light itself was $3.99 and the shade matches our bedding (which was also from Ikea) and was $15.

The chair, was free. We found it next to the dumpster at our last residence. HELLO!?! It's exactly like the $600 chairs sold at Pottery Barn! It's in mint condition as well. The cute little green throw was a steal at Ikea (LOVE Ikea!!) for $2.49. Everything else you see, we already had on hand.

Now, I need your help. I have OCD issues with power cords showing... what do I do with these???

I'm a freak. OMG this bothers me SO much! Do I run the cords behind the drywall? Buy cord covers and paint them to match. HELP!!!

My favorite part of the table/desk are the legs. I LOVE the peacock blue paint showing through:

And the yellow details on the skirt:

I'm really going to enjoy blogging from this lovely little spot.

Hopefully you are all having a good weekend! At least your basement didn't flood... I hope!! :-)

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It all started with leftover paint ~ + stuff