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Secretions Magnifiques – Etat Libre d’Orange

My children have a plastic dog poo that they leave lying around the house. They put it in funny places and even have a special name for it – ‘baguette end’. It’s a joke, it’s occasionally quite funny. But my children are quite young and they didn’t pay £44 for their pretend poo.

Bois de Jasmin writes, "Whether you love or hate Sécrétions Magnifiques, one thing is true—it cannot leave you indifferent."

After the initial shock of smelling something quite so awful the picture in my mind became a bit clearer. Being at the seaside and accidentally breathing in a great big mouthful of salty water. Your body takes over and you gag. Oh wait… mouthful of something salty. Now I get it.

From the humour of the willy picture on the front to the name of the fragrance, this seems to be to be something that people would buy one another for a laugh. It’s a perfume from a joke store. Like the plastic dog poo that my children love to leave around the house. Is anybody actually wearing it??

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