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Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez For Her is a lovely floral fragrance. One of my friends who wears this regularly says it reminds her of the smell of fresh washing. I can understand the comment. For Her is clean and fresh musk-based floral fragrance, which includes neroli, osmanthus (pictured) and vetiver.

People say that Narciso Rodriguez For Her is very similar to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely. Or rather, Lovely is following in the wake of a popular trend, established by the huge success of For Her. I haven’t done a direct comparison of the two fragrances. They are both pretty modern florals.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her makes me feel youthful. You wouldn’t wear this to convey sexuality or sophistication. Funnily enough, this fragrance reminds me generically of Estée Lauder's fragrance advertising. Estée Lauder adverts always seem to feature a girl on her own running barefoot through a field, or playing with puppies. You get the idea.
Narciso Rodriguez For Her falls into a 'family' of modern florals that share a transparent quality. Fleur du Matin by Miller Harris and Stella McCartney's Nude are definitely worth trying if you like this type of cleaned-up floral fragrance.

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