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Himalaya – Creed

Today I made the pilgrimage to Les Senteurs in Belgravia. Having read about this fabulous fragrance store, I was really excited to go and sample some new perfumes. Looking online at their list of fragrances, there are plenty that I’ve been reading about, but haven’t been able to buy anywhere else.
When I arrived, I could have cried. There are two massive great steps at the entrance and quite a narrow door. Even if I managed to haul my twins’ buggy up the steps, I probably wouldn’t have made it through the doorway. I momentarily toyed with the idea of leaving the babies outside. But it’s December and it's freezing. So I sadly pressed my nose against the window for a bit and then plodded off.

Les Senteurs looks like a lavish perfume emporium. I will definitely be heading back there, either on a day when I don’t have the twins, or when I have my husband in tow. In the meantime, I will probably make the most of their online sample service.

Onwards and upwards.

Today I did manage to try Creed’s Himalaya. The bottle is quite naff. Silver plastic – hmm, you kind of wonder what they’re aiming at. However, getting past the packaging, it’s a great masculine fragrance with intense woody notes. Smelling this reminds me of walking through an evergreen forest – all pine needles and resonant woods. It’s subtle and mature. A great fragrance for almost any man, particularly if they don’t want to make a statement, but just have a general whiff of smelling good.
If you're searching for a male fragrance, then Cool Water by Davidoff is an all time classic that's worth a sniff.

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