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Eau de Sisley 2 and Glow – JLo

As part of our Christmas beauty bonanza, my husband tried Eau de Sisley 2 this morning. It’s definitely a male fragrance – I wouldn’t even really say it’s unisex. It smells of Alpine forests. Leaving the house this morning was a bit like going on a date with the man from Milk Tray. He smelt like he’d just skied down the mountain side. It was all good – but if I weren’t married to him it would whiff slightly of mid life crisis.
JLo’s fragrance Glow is one of those perfumes that you hear a lot about. Firstly it’s mentioned in the context of, ‘Oh no, not another celebrity fragrance’. Secondly, on the whole, it seems to be pretty successful. I’ve been walking past it at the beauty counters thinking, I must get around to trying that. Yesterday at Beauty Base in Westfield, I managed to bag a mini Glow sample.
Today I tried out Glow and I feel generally under-whelmed. Initially it has a greenish smell. It’s difficult to work out if it’s Lily of the Valley or something more animal. But that floats off quite quickly and the drydown is very weak and powdery. I was really disappointed, as I had expected more of this much-hyped fragrance.

You can buy a 50ml EdT Glow at Amazon for £27. According to OsMoz it has top notes of neroli and pink grapefruit, heart notes of rose, sandalwood and amber and base notes of soft musk, jasmine, iris and vanilla.

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