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Honore des Pres Fragrance Range

A recent article mentioned Honore des Pres fragrances. My local SpaceNK store has just got them in stock.

The sales assistant was extremely helpful and let me smell the whole range. It was a whirlwind tour through five fragrances and two stood out.
Honore's Trip is a citrus fragrance. But, unusually it's the orange that really shines through. It brought back memories of childhood marmalade making. Not sure if I would want to smell of zesty orange — however it's strikingly unusual and could be a great fragrance for summer.
The other remarkable fragrance was Sexy Angelic. Interestingly I found this one evocative of food too. Initially I was thinking that it reminded me of lemon meringue pie or custard tarts. But I've found out that the smell is of a special French sweet called Calisson, made from almonds. So perhaps it reminded me of marzipan. I found the name off-putting, but its unusual nature means it's definitely worth trying.

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